The easiest way to determine student educational needs and monitor learners' progress.


Unfortunately, students don’t come with a handbook explaining where their academic strengths and weaknesses lie.

So you need a way to identify and monitor students’
progress in adult basic education programs.

We’ve got that way - the Wonderlic General
Assessment of Instructional Needs (GAIN).

Quick, yet comprehensive, GAIN measures basic English and math skills – from basic literacy and numeracy, to advanced skills taught in secondary schools as defined by the NRS’ Educational Functioning Levels. GAIN’s two forms can be used for pre-, progress-, or post-testing to show progress in skill development.

It is ideal for workforce development programs, literacy programs, youth programs, correctional facilities, and students entering adult education programs.

Are you ready to GAIN some perspective on your applicants?
Yeah, we went there.


How you GAIN


Item response theory scoring uses item level characteristics and the overall response pattern to enhance the accuracy of the results.


Students and instructors can compare current skill levels with prior test results. Reports identify the instructional needs for development. Study plan shortcut, you’re welcome.


On site, online or paper-and--pencil administration. 90-minute total administration time, no locator test required. We love making your life easier.


Testing, scoring, and reporting in one easy-to-use platform. Data exchange capabilities allow you to easily transfer information to your database. You won’t even need a T.A. to help.

What you GAIN

Use the diagnostics report to create targeted instruction plans that help students reach their goals faster
Manage students online to track progress in our user-friendly platform
Program participants and students get a clear understanding of their existing skills and can see improvements over time - a proven motivator

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