March 14, 2022

Mark Rader

The Secret Weapon for RV Companies to Reduce Turnover

The Secret Weapon for RV Companies to Reduce Turnover
Mark Rader

Recently we took some time to sit down with Wonderlic customer Cameron Updike, a recruiter for Colton RV, a recreational vehicle seller in the Buffalo, New York area. 

Topics covered include the role that Wonderlic played in helping nip their retention challenges in the bud, Cameron’s take on what assessments provide that interviews can’t, and a story of how WonScore helped shine a spotlight on a great non-traditional candidate for a sales role his team might otherwise have passed on.  

How Wonderlic Provides Colton RV with Hiring Insights That Interviews Don’t


What I really like about the WonScore is that it breaks down each category a little bit so you get to look at specifics and the cognitive section, the personality section, the motivation section.

And you can kind of see, you know, based off of the position, if that’s something that would be required, if that’s something that’s maybe going to be a problem.

For us that’s a big thing because, you know, during the interviews, you can ask a lot of tough questions but candidates are usually pretty well-prepared for interviews and on their best type of behavior and putting their best foot forward.

So sometimes it’s kind of hard to find issues during an interview, but when you send an assessment like that you can actually get a pretty accurate read on what their fit would be with the company culture.

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How Colton RV Reduced Turnover in Sales and Customer Service with Wonderlic


Since I started in early 2020 we’ve been seeing quite a bit of turnover, which is a big reason why we were hoping to make a change in our hiring process.

We were hiring lots of people on a monthly basis and only some of them were sticking…and a lot of them were leaving.

 So for us, that was a big problem, especially for positions, you know, like sales or service, where you kind of need stable people to reach out to customers and keep them updated on what’s going on.

Since we’ve been using WonScore, it’s been really helpful in not only reducing that turnover, but also in finding really good quality people up front, just because of the three measures that you get from the tests you kind of know what you’re getting into.

So if you do get someone with a little bit of a lower score you know what kind of attitude you have to go into hiring with. And for us that’s been hugely helpful.

How Wonderlic Helped Colton RV Hire a Top Performer They Would Have Missed


We hired a sales representative. She didn’t have any specific sales background. She’d worked in retail for a while, in the food industry.

I looked over her resume. I didn’t really see anything that stood out, you know.

I sent her the WonScore like, “let’s see how she does on this.” And she scored close to 90 overall. She did very well on all three categories, so we kind of looked through it and we said, this is definitely a person we’d like to meet with.

So we brought her in and we had our sales managers meet with her. They really liked her so we decided to go ahead and offer her a sales position with us. And in the past few months she’s really been coming into her stride.

She’s actually one of our top performers at this location now. So she’s really done much better than we even anticipated when we offered her the role.

Trying to identify and hire top talent? Discover how Wonderlic’s WonScore assessment can help you hire with confidence based on objective data that reveals every candidate’s potential to succeed, regardless of their work history. 

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